Bentley Houston Host Annual Bentley Cup

Bentley Houston recently played host to guests and clients at our much-anticipated annual Bentley Cup held at the Houston Polo Club on November 5th.

Our guests were treated to an exclusive tasting featuring Macallan, complemented by a delectable spread from Cordua Catering.

The event unfolded on a picturesque day with flawless weather. Attendees reveled in two thrilling polo games and had the unique opportunity to stomp divots, all while surrounded by a stunning fleet of Bentley cars.

The day was a perfect blend of enjoyment, engaging conversations, and the pleasure of witnessing exciting polo matches against the backdrop of a beautiful day.

Karma Houston Announces the new Karma Kaveya

Our team has just returned from an exhilarating set of meetings in Las Vegas, bringing back a trove of exciting updates for the future of Karma Automotive. Among the highlights is the revelation of the newly launched Karma Kaveya super coupe.

In a transformative move, Karma Automotive welcomed Marques McCammon to lead the company, and in just six months, he has achieved more than the brand has in the last six years. The focus is firmly on the future, with a reinvigorated Karma Revero, the introduction of the all-electric Gysera, and the showstopper – the 1,000+ HP super coupe, the Kaveya. The trajectory of Karma Automotive has never been more promising.

Driving the design and rebranding initiatives is the renowned Michelle Christensen, the trailblazing first female to helm the exterior design of a supercar with her work on the 2017 remodel of the iconic Acura NSX.

Under Marques’s leadership, Karma Automotive is charting a course towards exclusivity and heightened luxury, opting to produce fewer units while offering unparalleled bespoke customization supported by cutting-edge technology and design.

The highly anticipated Kaveya super coupe, with only 380 units slated for production globally, demands a $10,000 deposit for reservation and is set to commence deliveries in 2025. Karma Houston is gearing up to host a test drive event in Q1, where enthusiasts can experience not only the Kaveya but also get behind the wheel of the updated Revero and the new Karma Gysera all-electric sedan.

Contact our brand specialists today for details and ordering information.