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Rolls-Royce Dawn

Night lifts to reveal a bold new silhouette; a Rolls-Royce like no other, steeped in prestigious heritage. Inspired by the iconic Silver Dawn of the 1950s, it provides the perfect blend of sophistication and true freedom. Infused with a youthful spirit and vivacious energy, this inspiring motor car harnesses an exacting balance of power and possibility that heralds a brand new beginning. The strikingly elegant design of Dawn can transform to perfectly complement its environment. A single touch reveals expansive vistas and a world of infinite opportunities. Awaken your senses. Seize every valuable moment shared with friends. Dawn lives in the moment. The moment is now.


The Rolls-Royce Dawn is alluring and assertive in equal measure, Dawn’s captivating charisma is felt from the very first encounter. The exterior exudes understated class, with a flawless, hand-polished finish giving it a marble-smooth sheen. Sleek, yet edgy contours add to Dawn’s bold look, complete with a tapered ‘wake channel’ on the bonnet, reminiscent of a jet’s vapour trail. Beneath the hood lies a 6.6 litre V12 twin-turbo engine, offering seemingly infinite reserves of power and exhilarating torque. With such a purposeful presence, Dawn dares you to discover the unexpected with the promise of a truly effortless drive.

Dawn from Rolls Royce Houston


Experience the exhilaration of the open road. With one touch, Dawn’s roof folds silently away – leaving you open to the elements for the most exhilarating drive. As the hood glides back, it reveals a striking deck, finished with handcrafted wood veneer that waterfalls forward to meet the driver. This adds to the energized, seductive feel while fusing effortlessly with Dawn’s contemporary interior. Dawn is an experience to be shared. A true four-seater, the indulgent cabin sets the scene for unforgettable adventures with friends. Even with the roof stowed away, the boot offers ample space for all that’s needed for unexpected parties and last-minute escapes. This is a car perfectly designed for spontaneous moments.

With Dawn, the journey becomes a destination in itself. Open the door to unveil an inviting cabin. Sumptuous banks of Natural Grain leather form a soft, continuous line with the outside, enveloping four individual seats to create an elegant, inspiring haven. Savour the tranquillity of Dawn’s interior, where pure comfort is paired with a sense of true freedom. Experience the sensory pleasure of the finest, bespoke craftsmanship. Hand-cut wood veneer infuses the interior with energy – add natural variation with your choice of contemporary open grain Canadel Panelling or classic burr finishes. Opt for contrast stitching and Rolls-Royce monograms on the headrests, or truly make Dawn your own, with personalized piping and hand-stitched embroidery. Dawn also offers a full-length central console featuring individual climate controls and personal storage space. So utmost comfort is assured from your journey’s beginning to end.

Drop top Dawn at Rolls Royce Houston

Own the night with Dawn Black Badge

Behind the wheel, the intensity is intoxicating. Instinct and impulse duel with confidence and control. The drama of the Rolls-Royce top-down drive is pushed to unprecedented levels with an optional sports exhaust. Dawn Black Badge’s refined engine offers seemingly infinite power, while enhanced torque and suspension deliver a more enthralling driving experience. The night is yours. The thrill is in the journey. The unlit future is in your hands.

Dawn Black Badge RollsRoyce Houston

Interior Black Badge Dawn Rolls Royce Houston