Bentayga V8 Sport Exhaust Now Available

Designed in conjunction with Akrapovič who are the market leading manufacturer of premium exhaust systems and synonymous with motorsport, the upgraded sport exhaust system produces an unmistakable thunder and designed exclusively for Bentayga V8.  Click here for a sound bite.


Enhance the visual impact of your Ghost, Wraith, or Dawn with the new Exterior Black Pack, Retrofit Kit, available in a range of pack offerings that best suit your style. The black accent pieces are made to perfectly fit on a number of parts on the exterior of your Rolls-Royce Ghost, Wraith, or Dawn, and you have the choice to be subtle or to be bold depending on the pack you choose.To learn more about or to purchase your own please contact Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Houston at 713-297-2870


With the winter months right around the corner, we want to ensure that you have everything you need to conquer the cold-weather conditions by offering the following winter accessories at a reduced price from now until December 31, 2019. All Weather Floor Mats Battery Conditioner Tire Cradles Car Covers 20" Pirelli Winter Tire* To learn more about, or to purchase these winter essentials, please contact Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Houston, or shop via the Rolls-Royce Online Accessories.


Enhance your driving experience with tires designed to deliver the drive you deserve. Your Rolls-Royce Motor Car was precisely engineered to offer an exceptional driving experience. That's why it was equipped with high-performance tires. Also known as summer or three-season tires, high-performance tires are sleek, stylish, and made with a soft and sticky rubber compound.Their unique tread hugs the road in both dry and wet conditions and provides your motor car with enhanced acceleration, traction, and handling. Designed for drivers who are more spirited than subdued, high-performance tires offer superb cornering and a controlled, comfortable ride.Consult your Service Advisor for more information regarding high-performance tires for your Rolls-Royce Motor Car.